Ford explorer

Mixed export sales success

With the introduction of the second generation Explorer in 1995, Ford attempted to market the Explorer in the UK, similar to the Taurus Ghia, Ford’s attempt to market the Taurus in Australia and New Zealand. The Explorer was poorly received in the UK, apparently in large part because it was designed for comfortable city cruising, rather than off road capability. Many UK buyers only bought SUVs if they needed cargo flexibility or off-road capability, and they viewed large SUVs as less of a family car, as opposed to station wagons, which are more traditional British family haulers. That meant that UK SUV buyers largely stuck with Land Rovers or Jeeps. After the Firestone tire problems (see below), Ford withdrew the Explorer from the UK market.

Second Generation UK Models. In the UK the Ford Explorer was initially available as just one model, with the 4.0litre engine and with a high specification — the only dealer options being leather interior. In 1998, a facelifted Explorer was available with minor cosmetic interior changes and a revised rear tail lift which centered the rear number plate. In 1999 the model range was revamped slightly, the base model becoming the XLT and a special edition North Face version marketed with a tie in to North Face outdoor clothing. The North Face version was available in a dark green or a silver, with body coloured bumpers, heated leather seats and a CD multichanger as standard. In 2000, the North Face was also in black, which is a very rare sight on UK roads.

Second Generation UK Model Problems. The UK versions suffer from the same timing chain problems the US versions did, but were not subject to a recall. Its essential to maintain and monitor the timing chain tensioner if it is still the original plastic one.

Current Exports As of 2008, the Explorer is exported to Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Iceland, the Middle East, and certain countries in South America and Africa.

Второе поколение

Машины данного поколения отличались от предшественников более обтекаемой формой передней части кузова. Переработано рулевое управление: маятник был заменен рулевой рейкой. В салоне появились подголовники на задних сиденьях. Новая передняя панель включает в себя 2 подушки безопасности. Появляется бортовой компьютер. Задняя подвеска осталась без изменений.

Существенно расширился выбор двигателей. Их предлагалось 3 варианта:

  • 4 литровый Cologne V6 160 л. с. (при 4200 об/мин), 320 Н·м (при 2500 об/мин), со степенью сжатия 9,0:1
  • 4 литровый Cologne V6 208 л. с. (при 5200 об/мин), 350 Н·м (при 3200 об/мин), со степенью сжатия 9,7:1
  • 5 литровый Cleveland V8 218 л. с. (при 4200 об/мин), 395 Н·м (при 3200 об/мин), со степенью сжатия 8,8:1

Претерпела изменение и трансмиссия. В качестве основной коробки устанавливается усовершенствованная версия Ford A4LDE или Ford 4R55E, а с 1997 года 5-ступенчая 5R55E. Механическая коробка также ставится усовершенствованная 5-ступенчатая Mazda M5OD-R1. На версию автомобиля с 5литровым двигателем устанавливалась 4-ступенчатая автоматическая коробка от Ford F-150 — Ford 4R70W.

Автомобили второго поколения оборудовались тремя видами полного привода:

1. Part-Time с раздаточной коробкой BW-1354. Без изменений перекочевавшая с автомобилей первого поколения.2. ControlTrac 4WD с раздаточной коробкой BW-4405 с передаточным числом 2,48:1, без межосевого дифференциала. Распределение мощности между осями происходит с помощью пакета фрикционов.

Новая раздаточная коробка позволяла передвигаться в 3х режимах:

  • 2WD с приводом только на задние колеса.
  • 4WD Auto. В этом случае момент автоматически распределялся между осями в соотношении 4-98 %.
  • 4WD Low. Постоянный полный привод в тяжелых условиях с включением пониженной передачи.

3. Full-time AWD с раздаточной коробкой BW-4404 (с 1998 года устанавливалась на модели с двигателем V8). Однако данный вариант не имел понижающей передачи.

Exterior Colors Edit

  • Agate Black
  • Aspen Green Metallic
  • Autumn Orange Clearcoat Metallic
  • Black
  • Black Pearl Slate Metallic
  • Blue
  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Blue Jeans
  • Bordeaux Reserve Red Metallic
  • Bright Red
  • Brilliant Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Brilliant Silver Metallic
  • Bronze Fire Metallic with Tinted Clearcoat
  • Burgundy Velvet Metallic
  • Cabernet Red
  • Canyon Ridge
  • Cashmere Tri-Coat Metallic
  • Caribou
  • Cayman Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • Ceramic White Tri-Coat Metallic
  • Chestnut
  • Cinnamon Glaze
  • Cinnamon Metallic
  • Colonial White
  • Colorado Red
  • Crystal Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Dark Blue Pearl Metallic
  • Dark Cherry Metallic
  • Dark Copper Metallic
  • Dark Cranberry Clearcoat Metallic
  • Dark Side
  • Dark Stone Metallic
  • Deep Emerald Green Metallic
  • Deep Forest Green Metallic
  • Deep Impact Blue
  • Deep Wedgewood Blue
  • Desert Violet Clearcoat Metallic
  • Electric Red Clearcoat Metallic
  • Estate Green Metallic
  • Evergreen Frost Clearcoat Metallic
  • Ginger Ale Metallic
  • Golden Bronze Metallic
  • Gold Leaf Metallic
  • Green Gem
  • Guard
  • Harvest Gold Metallic
  • Hunter Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • Ingot Silver Metallic
  • Island Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Ivory Parchment Tri-Coat Metallic
  • Kodiak Brown Metallic
  • Kona Blue Metallic
  • Light Denim Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Light Sandwood
  • Light Sandwood Clearcoat Metallic
  • Magnetic
  • Mandarin Gold Clearcoat Metallic
  • Medium Platinum Clearcoat Metallic
  • Medium Wedgewood Blue Metallic
  • Mineral Grey Metallic
  • Moab Red
  • Mocha Frost Clearcoat metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Pacific Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • Platinum Dune Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Pubelo Gold Metallic
  • Raven Black
  • Red Candy Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Redfire Metallic
  • Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Sangria Red Metallic
  • Sandalwood Clearcoat Metallic
  • Scarlet Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Shadow Grey Clearcoat Metallic
  • Silver Birch Metallic
  • Silver Clearcoat Metallic
  • Smoked Quartz Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Sport Blue Metallic
  • Spruce Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • Sterling Grey Metallic
  • Stone Green Metallic
  • Sunset Metallic
  • Torch Red
  • Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic
  • Tropic Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • True Blue Metallic
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Twilight Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Vibrant Red
  • Vapor Silver Metallixc
  • White Gold
  • White Pearl Tri-Coat
  • White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat
  • White Suede
  • Wild Strawberry Clearcoat Metallic
  • Zinc Yellow

Interior Fabric Colors Edit

  • Camel Cloth
  • Camel Cloth with Sand Inserts
  • Camel Leather
  • Camel Leather with Sand Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Cloth
  • Charcoal Black Leather
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Camel Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Medium Stone Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Miko Suede Perforated Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Pecan Perforated Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Perforated Inserts
  • Charcoal Black Leather with Sienna Perforated Inserts
  • Crystal Blue Cloth
  • Crystal Blue Leather
  • Dark Graphite Cloth
  • Dark Graphite Leather
  • Ebony Black ActiveX
  • Ebony Black Leather with Copper Inserts
  • Ebony Black Leather with Micro-Perforated Inserts and Quilted Bolsters
  • Ebony Black Leather with Dark Earth Gray Miko Sueded Cloth Inserts
  • Ebony Black Leather with Miko Inserts
  • Ebony Black Leather with Perforated Inserts
  • Ebony Black Leather with Perforated Inserts and Red Stitching
  • Ebony Black Leather with Perforated Miko Inserts
  • Ebony Black Leather with Red Stitching
  • Ebony Black Leather with Perforated Inserts and Red Stitching
  • Ebony Black Premium Leather with Quilted Inserts
  • Ebony Black Premium Leather with Quilted and Perforated Inserts
  • Ebony Black Unique Cloth
  • Graphite Cloth
  • Graphite Leather
  • Light Sandalwood Cloth
  • Light Sandalwood Leather
  • Medium Dark Denim Blue Cloth
  • Medium Graphite Cloth
  • Medium Graphite Leather
  • Medium/Dark Flint Two-Tone Cloth
  • Medium/Dark Flint Two-Tone Leather
  • Medium/Dark Flint Two-Tone Premium Cloth
  • Medium/Dark Pebble Two-Tone Cloth
  • Medium/Dark Pebble Two-Tone Leather
  • Medium/Dark Pebble Two-Tone Premium Cloth
  • Medium Grey Cloth
  • Medium Grey Vinyl
  • Medium Light Camel Cloth
  • Medium Light Camel Leather
  • Medium Light Camel Leather with Perforated Inserts
  • Medium Light Stone ActiveX
  • Medium Light Stone Cloth
  • Medium Light Stone Leather
  • Medium Light Stone Leather with Perforated Inserts
  • Medium Light Stone Unique Cloth
  • Medium Parchment Cloth
  • Medium Parchment Leather
  • Medium Prairie Tan Cloth
  • Medium Prairie Tan Leather
  • Medium Soft Ceramic Premium Leather with Micro-Perforated Inserts and Quilted Bolsters
  • Medium Soft Ceramic Premium Leather with Micro-Perforated Inserts and Unique Stitching
  • Medium Soft Ceramic Premium Leather with Quilted Inserts
  • Medium Soft Ceramic Premium Leather with Quilted and Perforated Inserts
  • Medium Stone Cloth
  • Medium Stone Leather
  • Midnight Grey Cloth
  • Midnight Grey Leather
  • Mocha Cloth
  • Mocha Leather
  • Moss Leather with Camel Preferred Suede Inserts
  • Opal Grey Cloth
  • Opal Grey Leather
  • Royal Blue Cloth
  • Royal Red Cloth
  • Sansdtone ActiveX
  • Sandstone Cloth
  • Scarlet Red Cloth
  • Scarlet Red Vinyl
  • Stone Cloth
  • Stone Leather
  • Willow Green Cloth
  • Willow Green Leather

Первое поколение

Ford Explorer первого поколения был представлен публике в марте 1990 года как автомобиль 1991 модельного года и преемник Ford Bronco II (англ.)русск., снятого с производства в том же году. Одновременно с началом выпуска данной модели она стала бестселлером на рынке США и дважды подряд в 1990 и 1991 году получила номинацию «Лучший полноприводный автомобиль года» («Four Wheeler of the Year»). Данная модель выпускалась в 3- и 5-дверном вариантах с длиной базы 2594 мм и 2843 мм, соответственно. 3-дверная версия также называлась «Explorer Sport»

На автомобили устанавливался четырёхлитровый Ford Cologne V6 (англ.)русск. мощностью 155 л.с. и крутящим моментом 300 Н·м. Степень сжатия 9,0:1 позволяет использовать бензин А-92. С 1993 года двигатель был модернизирован в сторону увеличения мощности и крутящего момента 165 л. с. и 320 Н·м.

Автомобили оснащались коробками механической 5-ступенчатой Mazda M5-R1, либо автоматической 4-ступенчатой  (англ.)русск.. Полноприводные версии оснащались раздаточной коробкой типа «Part-Time» марки «Borg Warner» BW-1350 и BW-1354 с понижающей передачей 2,48:1. Заднеприводная версия оснащалась раздаточной коробкой марки «Borg Warner» BW-1359.

Переднеприводная подвеска независимая типа «Twin-Traction-Beam» DANA-35. Задняя подвеска зависимая на полуэллиптических рессорах DANA-8.8″ с неразъемным картером моста. Заднеприводные версии имели переднюю независимую подвеску типа «Twin-I-Beam». Основные комплектации: XL, XLT, Eddie Bauer, Limited. Машина участвовала в съемках фильма Парк юрского периода.

Fifth generation concept

Fifth generation Ford Explorer America concept from the 2008 New York Auto Show

Ford has revealed in media press releases, along with a gallery of photographs, a new Explorer America concept vehicle, scheduled for public unveiling at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. The concept represents a new design direction for a future, more fuel efficient Explorer. The Explorer America concept is built on a unibody platform to reduce weight and improve driveability, migrating from the body-on-frame platform of the current Explorer. It is designed for up to six passengers, and can tow 3,500 pounds, while improving fuel economy by 20 to 30 percent relative to the current V6 Explorer. The powertrain packages in the concept vehicle include a two-liter four cylinder turbocharged direct injection EcoBoost gas engine with 275 horsepower (205 kW) and 280 ft·lbf (380 N·m) of torque, and a 3.5 liter V6 version EcoBoost with 340 horsepower (250 kW) and up to 340 ft·lbf (460 N·m) of torque. The EcoBoost engine is scheduled for initial installation in the Lincoln MKS sedan in 2009, followed by the Ford Flex and other vehicles, and is expected to power a half-million Ford vehicles each year by 2013. Ford is also looking into using lighter weight chassis components with materials such as aluminum and magnesium, and electric power steering to reduce weight, along with improved aerodynamics, to improve fuel economy in the Explorer and other vehicles. Ford has confirmed that the Explorer will make the switch to a car based platform sometime around 2010 or 2011. Many Ford purists are disappointed by this fact, claiming that it is the end of the Explorer as America knows it. Spy shots have circulated the internet and the testing model has a body similar to the Ford Taurus X. The new Explorer will replace the Taurus X.

Обновленный салон Ford Explorer 2018

Точно так же, как и во внешнем дизайне автомобиля, новая модель Форд Эксплорер 2018 и в салоне особых изменений не видно. Единственное, что сразу же бросается в глаза, это ультрасовременная система мультимедиа.

Особенностью данной системы выступает возможность передачи информации на 15-ти метровое расстояние. Также с ее помощью владелец получает возможность осуществлять управление многими функциями автомобиля. Речь идет об:

  • Запуске двигателя
  • Разблокировке замков
  • Доступ к информации по диагностике автомобиля

В опционные пакеты входят такие функции автомобиля, как:

  • Система, предупреждающая о фронтальном столкновении
  • Системе автоматического торможения
  • Управление дальним светом

Также в Эсплорере нового модельного года  предусмотрен обогрев лобового стекла и всех сидений. Это нововведение обеспечивает водителю и пассажиром комфорт при любых погодных условиях.

В общей сложности новый Эксплорера оснащен шестнадцатью усовершенствованными технологиями. Среди них стоит отметить:

  • Систему открывания багажника
  • Надувные ремни безопасности для задних сидений
  • Фронтальная камера
  • Бесключевой доступ
  • Запуск двигателя с кнопки

Оснащение нового салона привлекательны. Помимо обновленного руля с кожаной вставкой и новой мультимедиа здесь можно отметить:

  • Аудиосистему, оснащенную передовыми технологиями
  • Дополнительные порты USB для гаджетов

Удивительным является и ультрасовременное приложение для автомобиля, которое устанавливается на телефон. С его помощью автовладелец получает возможность:

  • Завести автомобиль дистанционно
  • Разблокировать замки
  • Проверить работу противоугонной системы

Также, в зависимости от комплектации, в салоне  может быть установлены системы, контролирующие слепые зоны, дорожную разметку, маневры во время выезда с парковки.

Для предотвращения столкновений водитель может удобно пользоваться системой круиз контроля. Все последние опции доступны только в премиум вариантах Sport и Platinum.

Third generation (2002-2005)

Third generation
Production 2002–2005
Body style(s) 4-door SUV
Engine(s) 4.0 L V64.6 L V8
Transmission(s) 5-speed M5OD-R1HD manual5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2002-03: 113.7 in (2888 mm)2004-05: 113.8 in (2890 mm)
Length 189.5 in (4800 mm)
Width 72.1 in (1828 mm)
Height 71.4  in (1803 mm)
Fuel capacity 22.5 US gallons (85.2 L; 18.7 imp gal)
Related Lincoln AviatorMercury Mountaineer

The 4-door Explorer and companion Mercury Mountaineer were redesigned entirely in 2002, losing all design similarity with the Ranger and the still in production, second generation inspired Explorer Sport Trac. Engines were either the 210 hp (157 kW) SOHC 4.0L V6 with 254 ft·lbf (344 N·m) of torque or a 239 hp (178 kW) 4.6 L V8, with the 203 hp (151 kW) 4.0 L still available on the Explorer Sport. A third-row seat became available for the first time, bringing total passenger capacity to seven. Both manual and automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive were available (with 2002 being the last year of being able to order a 4-door and manual transmission). Trim lines were the base Sport Value, Sport Choice, XLS, Sport Premium, XLT, Eddie Bauer, and top Limited. AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control were standard for 2005 but an option from 2002 and on.

All three SUVs use code U6 (for rear-wheel drive), U7 (for four-wheel drive), and U8 (for all-wheel drive) in the 5th, 6th, and 7th positions of the VIN.

When the Explorer was redesigned for 2002, the Explorer Sport continued unchanged for 1 more year. Due to the decline of 2-door SUVs, the 2-door Explorer Sport was discontinued in 2003.

Intake manifold defect

Certain 2002 V8 Explorers, using an all-composite intake manifold, are subject to coolant leaks. Late in 2005 Ford settled a class action lawsuit. See for details.

Primera generación (1991-1994)

Primera generación
Datos generales
Período 1991-1994
Dimensiones Tres puertas: 4520 / 1780 / 1715 / 2595 mmCinco puertas: 4791 / 1780 / 1800 / 2840 mm

La primera generación se puso a la venta en marzo de 1990 como un modelo 1991 para enfrentarse directamente a los modelos Chevrolet Blazer/GMC Jimmy, Dodge Ramcharger, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot. Se ofrecía con carrocerías de tres y cinco puertas; la segunda tenía una batalla 245 mm mayor. Su único motor era de gasolina V6 de 4.0 litros de cilindrada, que desarrollaba 157 CV de potencia máxima (173 CV desde el modelo 1993). Esta primera generación era mayor en tamaño que sus otros competidores de esos años, mencionados anteriormente. La edición limited de 1993 era la versión de más de lujo con exteriores monocromáticos, consola en techo con brújula, termómetro exterior, estribos, rines de lujo, etc. Las versiones Eddie Bauer generalmente tienen aditamentos como asientos en cuero, y algunos terminados exteriores más vistosos. La primera generación podía acomodar a 5 pasajeros adultos incluso de hasta 1,90 de estatura y con más comodidad que un sedan mediano. Esta generación rompió listas de ventas en todo el mundo con 270,000 unidades vendidas al año y en su segunda generación bajaron las ventas a 160,000 unidades.

First generation (1991-1994)

First generation
Production 1991–1994
Body style(s) 2-door SUV4-door SUV
Engine(s) 4.0 L V6
Transmission(s) 5-speed M5OD-R1 manual4-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2-Door: 102.1 in (2593 mm)4-Door: 111.9 in (2842 mm)
Length 2-Door: 174.5 in (4419 mm)4-Door: 184.3 in (4673 mm)
Width 70.2 in (1778 mm)
Height 2-Door: 67.5 in (1714 mm)4-Door: 67.3 in (1709 mm)Eddie Bauer 4-Door 4WD: 68.3 in (1735 mm)
Fuel capacity 19.4 US gallons (73.4 L; 16.2 imp gal)
Related Ford RangerMazda B-SeriesMazda Navajo

The Ford Explorer was released in March 1990 as a 1991 model. It was equipped with a 4.0 L 155 hp (116 kW) V6 engine and 4-speed A4LD automatic transmission or 5-speed M5OD manual transmission. Like the Ford Bronco II it replaced, it was an SUV derivative of the Ford Ranger Pickup, but larger. Following the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, it came in both 2-door and 4-door bodystyles. It was available with rear or four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive versions came with a Borg Warner 13-54 part-time four wheel drive transfer case. The 13-54 was available with «Touch Drive» electronic push button shifting as well as manual, lever operated shifting. Both designs were «shift-on-the-fly» designs that allowed the truck to be shifted from two wheel drive to ‘four-high’ at any speed. All Explorers came with the 8.8″ Ford rear axle in either a limited slip or open version with a variety of available gear ratios. Explorers came in 4 trim levels: base XL, XLT, Sport (only available on the two-door version), and the upscale Eddie Bauer Edition. 15 hp (11 kW) was added for 1993 for a total of 170 hp (119 kW). The Limited edition, added for 1993, was available only in the 4-door style and was even more upscale than the Eddie Bauer version. It featured automatic headlights, foglamps, an automatic transmission as standard equipment, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, a center roof console with compass and outside thermometer, special wheels, and a special grille.

Technically similar to the original Ford Explorer, the Explorer Sport came in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants. It replaced the 2-door Ford Bronco II, and was larger than the Bronco II. A variant of the Explorer Sport was sold by Mazda as the Navajo, which won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award but was discontinued in 1994.

Common complaints about the first generation models mostly came from the A4LD automatic transmission. Towing wasn’t its strong point and it couldn’t handle much more power if the engine saw any aftermarket upgrades. Also, problems came from the automatic locking front hubs. Moderate off road driving would destroy the plastic internals and leave the SUV stuck in 2WD. Manual locking front hubs did not suffer from reliability problems.

Explorer Special Service Package

NYPD Ford Explorer Special Service vehicle

To compete with other police SUVs that are sold by other automobile companies, Ford has made a special package for the Explorer that’s only available to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS agencies. Ford calls it the Explorer Special Service Package. The only differences between the standard Explorer and the Special Service Package Explorer are provisions for emergency services related equipment such as radios, lightbars and sirens. There are also options designated fleet only (such as custom 2 tone paint arrangements) that are available to the Explorer Special Service Package.

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The 2019 Ford Explorer XLT 4×4 Exterior Shown in

The 2020 Ford Explorer Base Interior Shown in Sandstone Cloth

The 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Interior Shown in Ebony Leather with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Interior Shown in Ebony Leather with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Interior Shown in Sandstone Leather with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Interior Shown in Sandstone Leather with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum Interior Shown in Ebony/Brunello Leather with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum Interior Shown in Ebony/Brunello Leather with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum Interior Shown in Sandstone Leather with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum Interior Shown in Sandstone Leather with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Interior Shown in Ebony Cloth/Vinyl

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Interior Shown in Ebony Leather with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Ebony ActiveX with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Ebony ActiveX with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Ebony Cloth with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Ebony Cloth with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Sandstone ActiveX with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Sandtone ActiveX with 7 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Sandstone Cloth with 6 Passenger Seating

The 2020 Ford Explorer XLT Interior Shown in Sandtone Cloth with 7 Passenger Seating

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