Суперкары bugatti

Pricing and Which One to Buy

  • Chiron: $2,990,000
  • Chiron Sport 110 Ans Edition: $3,260,000
  • Chiron Sport: $3,300,000
  • Chiron Pur Sport: $3,600,000
  • Chiron Super Sport 300+: $3,900,000

People who choose cars such as the Chiron do so because they want a vehicle that makes a jaw-dropping impact on the boulevard or at the valet stand. With its swooping lines and famously stratospheric price, the base Chiron certainly fits the bill. We think this model has what it takes to put a smile on the face of even the most discerning hypercar buyer. The Chiron comes standard with amenities such as quad LED headlights and full power accessories.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Chiron’s singular focus on performance brings with it compromises on the infotainment front. This Bugatti functions much like a race car, and it has the stripped-down tech content to match. There’s no infotainment screen, and features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability aren’t offered. The car’s infotainment amenities are pretty much limited to a sound system and a trip computer. On the plus side, the sound system delivers impeccable sound quality, and it features four tweeters that each utilize a one-carat diamond membrane for precision output. That’s what you’d expect from a car with a price that starts in the millions.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Six months after the defeat of Gaea, Chiron greets the former god Apollo and the latter’s demigod master Meg McCaffrey at the Big House. There, they discuss the former god’s current condition and the missing campers. At dinner, Chiron discusses the upcoming three-legged death race with the campers, and he bears witness to Meg getting claimed by her mother Demeter.

After the race, Chiron forms a search party for Apollo, Meg, Austin, and Kayla.

When Rachel arrives at camp, she, Meg, and Chiron talk with Apollo about Triumvirate Holdings and how they have influenced events to suit themselves. They have been waiting in the shadows for centuries and plotting. 

When the Colossus Neronis automaton attacks the camp, Chiron fires numerous arrows at him, though that had little to no effect. When Percy arrives at camp he aids the centaur, while Apollo shoots a plague arrow at the automation, finally bringing it down.

Right after the Colossus is brought down, Leo, Calypso, and Festus finally return to camp, and Chiron is quick to welcome the son of Hephaestus back, though he kicks Leo in the gut with his centaur hoof, and tells him never to do any such thing again.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Chiron first appears when he meets Jason and says to him in horror: «You…you should be dead.» He then «invites» Jason inside the big house. He is still the camp’s activities director; but Mr. D is barely mentioned in this book, since Zeus has brought the gods back to Olympus and closed it off. Chiron is unable to tell anybody about the existence of Roman demigods and Camp Jupiter, which infuriates Annabeth (he never withheld information from her before), but he does admit that the Second Great Prophecy could predict something worse than the Second Titanomachy. When Leo returns from his quest and reveals Bunker 9, Chiron finally tells of its’ history with the Demigod Civil War. He also explains that there was a possibility of Bunker 9 rekindling the same spark that caused the Civil War between Romans and Greeks and that was why even in the Second Titan War, it was never used until Leo had discovered it. Later at the council meeting, he discusses with the other council leaders the events of the quest, the building of the Argo II, and Annabeth and Jason discuss Percy’s possible location and condition.

The Son of Neptune

Percy mentions Chiron, hoping that he’ll forgive him for attacking Centaurs who were invading Camp Jupiter. Percy feels that Chiron would forgive him because these Centaurs weren’t like the Party Ponies, these Centaurs were raised to fight the Romans as they were soldiers of Gaea.

The House of Hades

Leo and Calypso see Chiron is a vision, depicting the centaur dressed for war, trotting up and down the ranks of Greek demigods, his plumed helmet gleaming, his legs decked in bronze greaves. His usual friendly smile is gone, replaced with a look of grim determination.

The Blood of Olympus

Chiron is seen with the Greek demigods, Cyclopses, Satyrs, and Nymphs defending the camp. After the battle with Gaea he has a funeral for the fallen campers- both Greek and Roman, and he has Nico di Angelo lead the ceremony. He is later seen at the Campfire complementing the two groups of demigods on their newly formed alliance and friendship. He also later has several long conversations with Reyna and Frank, the Praetors of Camp Jupiter, discussing the now established alliance between both camps.


As the activities director of Camp Half-Blood, Chiron takes great pride in his students and acts as a father figure to those that have problems with their own family (like Annabeth). He is remarkably patient with all of the campers, even those that can be exceptionally hard to deal with, like Clarisse La Rue and Meg McCaffrey.

Unlike all other centaurs, Chiron is exceptionally intelligent, wise, civilized, and kind. As seen in The Lost Hero, Chiron is also honorable and just, and does not talk about the Romans, Camp Jupiter and the Demigod Civil War until the others find out, since he values the oath that he and Lupa made. Most notably, Chiron does not even tell Annabeth, whom he never withheld information from previously, not even the Great Prophecy.      

Chiron will also go out of his way or put himself in danger to protect the campers even if he knows that he may not be able to help them. The greatest example of this was when Chiron directly attacked Kronos himself, even though he knew that he stood no chance against his father. 

Chiron also has deep faith in Percy, even before Percy knew he was a demigod in The Lightning Thief. During his time as Percy’s teacher at Yancy Academy, he would constantly push Percy to excel in his studies and pushed him to not only pass the class, but do so with a high grade. Even though Percy didn’t manage to pass with an A, he still managed to get a decent grade. Chiron later tells Jason in The Lost Hero that he is very proud of the person that Percy had become. 

While he is calm and patient he occasionally becomes angry, during which Percy notes that Chiron’s tone becomes «steely calm.»

Despite all of this, he does have a tendency to show favor, treating Annabeth like his own daughter and teaching Thalia how to control the Mist despite never attempting anything like this with Percy or any other student. This is quite opposed to Percy whom he cares for greatly but still gives quite a bit of distance to.


For the most well-heeled among us, the average run-of-the-mill supercar may fall short of fulfilling our needs. If transportation with a six-figure price isn’t exclusive enough for your tastes, there’s the 2020 Bugatti Chiron. The Chiron costs almost $3 million, and it’s about as exotic as hypercars get. With fluid curves and angrily squinting headlights, this coupe’s exterior design communicates power and performance, and its standard 1500-hp engine endows it with acceleration capabilities worthy of a bullet train. The Chiron’s cabin is deluxe, but storage space is minimal, and amenities such as driver-assistance technology and an infotainment screen are missing. While this Bugatti may not be the most accommodating choice for something as mundane as a daily commute, it excels as a head-turning lust object and all-around performance machine.


Из всех особенностей, присутствующих в новом Бугатти Чирон 2019, можно отдельно выделить некоторые элементы.

В первую очередь, при детальном осмотре Bugatti Chiron, в глаза бросается красочное внутреннее оформление. Весь салон сделан из высококачественных материалов, среди которых преобладает замшевая ткань, что можно разглядеть на фото.

На приборной панели Бугатти Чирон расположено два выгнутых экрана, предоставляющих водителю всю необходимую информацию о транспортном средстве как во время стоянки, так и при движении

Тут важно заметить, что новая подсветка всех индикаторов сделана крайне яркой

На центральной консоли располагаются тумблеры, образуя тонкую полосу. Сделано это для удобства их переключения не голыми руками, а в гоночных перчатках.

What’s New for 2020?

Bugatti adds a couple new variants to the Chiron lineup for the 2020 model year. The Chiron Sport 110 Ans Edition is based on the Chiron Sport, and it was created to pay homage to the brand’s 110-year anniversary. It features a two-tone exterior color scheme and accents that employ the tricolor French flag. Only 20 of these very special models will be built. Bugatti also welcomes the Super Sport 300+ to the Chiron’s roster, and only 30 of them will be offered to the public. The 2020 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has nearly the same specs as the car that set a world record by reaching a speed of 304.773 mph at the Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany, and it’s motivated by a 1578-hp engine. A handling-focused model called Pur Sport will join the lineup in the second half of 2020.


As an immortal son of Kronos as well as the legendary Trainer of Heroes, Chiron is far more powerful, intelligent, and civilized than other centaurs.  

  • Archery: As the bow and arrow are his favorite weapons, Chiron is an incredibly skillful archer. In The Hidden Oracle, Apollo himself praised his archery skills.  
  • Swordsmanship: As shown in The Last Olympian, Chiron was an outstanding swordsman, even though he was known for hating to use a sword, being able to fight equally with his father, Kronos, while he was weakened due to being in Luke’s body and Kronos only won because he blasted Chiron against a wall with his powers, not through skill. Even Percy was impressed by Chiron’s skill, saying that he couldn’t have done any better than Chiron against Kronos.
  • Bending Distance: Like any centaur, Chiron was able to travel at great speeds — «bending distance» as he rides.  
  • Vitakinesis: As shown in The Lightning Thief, Chiron was a skillful healer, being able to effectively cure Percy of a pit scorpion bite.  
  • Multilingualism: Chiron is shown to speak multiple languages. As shown in The Lightning Thief, Chiron was fluent in Latin, and was therefore able to pose as a Latin teacher at Yancy Academy. He can presumably speak Ancient Greek, as it his native tongue. While not shown it can be assumed he can speak other languages from countries where the gods used to reside such as such as German and Spanish.
  • Mist Control: Chiron can control the Mist doing so to alter the memories of multiple students on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and teaching Thalia Grace and possibly Percy Jackson to do so.  

Mystiokinesis (possibly): Chiron may have some mystical abilities, seeing as he can summon weapons and shields during the Capture the Flag.

Технические характеристики

Затрагивая тему технических характеристик новенькой Бугатти Чирон, невозможно не поддаться изумлению. В этом автомобиле можно в особенности отметить:

  • высокие показатели мощности и динамики;
  • отличную проходимость;
  • частичную экономию расхода топлива;
  • современную технологическую начинку.

Безусловно, каждый представленный выше фактор был отмечен как основное положительное свойство, практически во всех отзывах профессиональных критиков и автолюбителей. При этом, в большинстве, новая цена авто Bugatti Chiron не подлежит оценке, ни положительной, ни отрицательной.


В сравнении с предыдущим автомобилем этой компании, у Bugatti Chiron технические характеристики лишь слегка изменились. Однако если сравнить все возможные показатели в цифрах, то сразу же бросается в глаза существенный прирост мощности по каждой возможной шкале.

Для автомобиля Bugatti Chiron, что не удивительно, учитывая специфику машины, был специально разработан один единственный экземпляр двигателя. Этот силовой агрегат представляет из себя прекрасное сочетание мощности и экономичности при сравнительно небольшом весе.

Силовой агрегат, установленный под капот Бугатти Чирон, имеет следующие технические характеристики:

  • рабочий объем – 8.0 литра;
  • общая мощность – 1500 лошадиных сил;
  • максимальная скорость – 420 км/ч;
  • время разгона до 100 км/ч – 2.5 секунды.

Как видно, мощность машины по-настоящему уникальна

Однако, в случае с новым Бугатти Чирон, не стоит концентрировать внимание только на показателях динамики – нужно также детально рассмотреть весь прочий функционал, имеющийся в новом авто

Важно заметить то, что мощность машины, после официального представления автомобиля на женевском автосалоне, обеспечила практически моментальную популярность среди автолюбителей. Это же, в свою очередь, привлекло к тому, что на сегодняшний день новый Бугатти Чирон 2019 стал одним из наиболее желанных автомобилей во всем мире


Автомобили от компании Бугатти всегда считались самыми быстрыми, перспективными и, что немаловажно, крайне технологичными. Предшественники модели Чирон, например, Бугатти Вейрон, были, без каких-либо исключений, оснащены самыми современными опциональными расширениями и передовыми технологиями

В новенькой машине Бугатти Чирон присутствует стандартная установка на режим «авто», позволяющая автомобилю адаптироваться под местность и индивидуальные стили вождения каждого водителя. Работает адаптивная система по следующему принципу:

  • при скорости до 50 км/ч – режим «подъем», подходящий для перевозки на трейлере или же «лежачих полицейских»;
  • при скорости от 50 до 180 км/ч – режим «автобан», адаптирующий подвеску машины под стабильную высокоскоростную езду;
  • при скорости от 180 до 380 км/ч – режим «управляемость», позволяющий автомобилю без проблем передвигаться по специализированным трекам (как правило, режим предназначен исключительно для высокоскоростных треков с чистым дорожным покрытием);
  • при скорости свыше 380 км/ч – режим «максимальная скорость», предоставляющий водителю машины всю мощность, установленного под капот, силового агрегата (в этом режиме разрешается ездить только при специальной подготовке и на подходящей трассе, например, Соляном озере Бонневиль).

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The Chiron’s exterior features a C-shaped design cue carved into its side panels, and this element is also present within the car’s cabin. It’s reflected in the graceful curve of a partition that separates driver and passenger. Bugatti has dressed the Chiron’s cabin in top-of-the-line materials, and the interior bears space-age styling elements that add whimsical charm. A flat-bottomed steering wheel greets the driver, and Bugatti claims the glossy center console is made from a single piece of solid aluminum. With the Chiron, it’s best to pack light. The trunk provides just two cubic feet of cargo space.


Виртуальная реальность

Процесс создания любого автомобиля, конечно, начинается с первых эскизов внешнего дизайна. Затем в конструкторском бюро любого автопроизводителя на свет появляются первые глиняные масштабные модели, начиная от мини размеров, и заканчивая масштабом 1:1.

Но прежде чем на свет появится первый полноценный прототип, многие автопроизводители прибегают к компьютерным тестам будущий модели. Но, как правило, подобные тесты очень дорого обходятся и поэтому их используют только при создании дорогих автомобилей. Например, прежде чем на свет появился первый прототип Bugatti Chiron, специалисты компании Bugatti провели более 30 тестов будущей модели на компьютерном автосимуляторе Dallara. 

Стоит отметить, что этот автосимулятор является одним из самых сложных и дорогих в мире. Так, благодаря ему, разработчики суперкара могли прямо во время теста (буквально на лету) изменять параметры автомобиля, меняя его размеры и любые другие характеристики. Это позволяет на стадии компьютерного моделирования выявить оптимальные параметры будущего автомобиля и избежать ошибок в процессе проектирования. 

Но, несмотря на то что подобное тестирование стоит очень и очень дорого, это все равно обходится дешевле, чем в случае выявления ошибок при проектировании тогда, когда уже будет выпущен полноценный прототип, пригодный для испытания на реальном треке. 

Так что, благодаря виртуальным тестам и последующему компьютерному моделированию разработчики еще за долго до появления первых испытательных образцов уже знают результаты будущих реально физических испытаний. Это не только экономит деньги, но и существенно уменьшает время на разработку новой модели под ключ. 

 8 литров, 4 турбины и ограничитель скорости на отметке в 421 км/час



Chiron was sired by the Titan King Kronos, who was in the form of a horse at the time. His mother, Philyra, abandoned him on Mount Pelion at birth because of her disgust at his appearance.  

Start of Training

Later the god Apollo took care of the child and taught him all his skills. In return, Apollo sent Chiron demigods for him to teach all that he had learned. Chiron is not a true centaur, as centaurs are notorious for being overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, wild, lusty, and generally uncultured delinquents. Chiron, by contrast, was very intelligent, civilized, and kind. Also, true centaurs are born of sun and cloud (Ixion and Nephele) and are not immortal. However, Chiron gained his immortality from the gods. During this time, Chiron lived atop Mount Pelion in the northern region of Thessaly. 

Death and Resurrection

After accidentally getting hit by a poisonous arrow, Chiron felt a lot of pain and later gave up his immortality. Whether this account was false or he was resurrected, Chiron lived to Percy Jackson’s time. This is because he was given immortality by Zeus so he will stay alive so long as he is needed to teach heroes.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Chiron, Chiron Sport, and Chiron Super Sport 300+ are motivated by an 8.0-liter 16-cylinder powerplant. This beast of an engine employs four turbochargers to generate a mighty 1500 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. Bugatti claims that the Chiron makes the dash from zero to 60 mph in a mere 2.3 seconds, and it has a top speed of 261 mph. If the Chiron’s standard engine doesn’t quench your thirst for speed, step up to the Chiron Super Sport 300+. This model is equipped with a slightly more potent version of the base powerplant, and it produces 1578 horsepower. Piloted by factory test driver Andy Wallace, a model with specs almost identical to those of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ logged a record-setting 304.773 mph when pushed by Bugatti at the track. With every model in the Chiron lineup, power is sent to all four wheels by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.


Students of Chiron

Throughout the Greek age, Chiron was the only immortal centaur and was known for his exceptional wisdom and also known as the teacher of heroes. Among his known students are:

  • Achilles — Chiron raised him on behalf of Thetis and Peleus.
  • Actaeon — The son of Aristaeus. He was bred to be a hunter. Artemis turned him into a deer after he accidentally stumbled upon her bathing. After he in the form of a deer was accidentally killed by his own dogs, Chiron fastened his image to soothe the dogs.
  • Ajax the Greater — The son of Telamon and the elder brother of Teucer, he was physically the strongest of the Achaeans during the Trojan War.
  • Aristaeus — The father of Actaeon. According to some sources, Chiron taught him the art of healing and prophecy while other accounts state that the Muses were responsible for these teachings.
  • Asclepius — A son of Apollo, who gave him to Chiron to raise. Chiron instructed him in the art of healing and medicine.
  • Atalanta — A famous huntress who participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar.
  • Caeneus — A Lapith who fought during the Centauromachy.
  • Hercules — Some Greek myths state that Hercules was trained by Chiron.
  • Hippomenes — A son of Poseidon and husband of Atalanta the Huntress. He was said to be trained by Chiron.
  • Jason — The leader of the Argonauts. Jason was given to Chiron by his father Aeson to raise.
  • Oileus — A member of the Argonauts.
  • Patroclus — His father left him in the care of Chiron to study alongside Achilles.
  • Peleus — The father of Achilles who was previously saved from the centaurs by Chiron who returned Peleus’ sword to him.
  • Phoenix — One of the Myrmidons who served as one of Achilles’ five commanders during the Trojan War. Chiron was the one who restored his eyesight.
  • Telamon — Father of Teucer and Ajax the Greater, he was the elder brother of Peleus, and sailed with Jason as one of the Argonauts.
  • Percy Jackson — Chiron takes special interest in Percy, even going undercover as Mr. Brunner in his school.

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